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A helper to bootstrap Reaction applications

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    For dev and experimentation, invoke like

        REACTIONX_JUMPSTART_SHAREDIR=share/ script/reaction-jumpstart

    You should see a series of questions and output

        Namespace of the project? (example: MyApp) MyApp
        Name of the UI? (example: Web for MyApp::Web) [default Web] 
        Descriptive name of the application? [default MyApp] 
         -> writing package MyApp::Web
        Name of the View? (example: Site for MyApp::Web::View::Site) [default Site] 
         -> writing package MyApp::Web::View::Site
         -> writing file test/myapp/share/skin/defaults.conf
        Name of your application's Skin? [default myapp_web] 
        Name of the Skin from which your Skin inherits? [default /Reaction/default] 
         -> creating directory test/myapp/share/skin/myapp_web/layout
         -> creating directory test/myapp/share/skin/myapp_web/web
         -> writing file test/myapp/share/skin/myapp_web/skin.conf
        Create a Root Controller? (The Controller managing '/') [default y] 
        Name of the Controller? (example: Root for MyApp::Web::Controller::Root)
          [default Root] 
        Do you want a base action to push the SiteLayout ViewPort? (y or n)
          [default y] 
        Do you want a customized SiteLayout ViewPort, Widget and LayoutSet? (y or
          n) [default y] 
         -> writing package MyApp::Web::ViewPort::SiteLayout
         -> writing package MyApp::Web::View::Site::Widget::SiteLayout
         -> writing file test/myapp/share/skin/myapp_web/layout/
         -> writing package MyApp::Web::Controller::Root
         -> writing file test/myapp/etc/myapp_web.conf

    The application will be generated below test/
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