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uBITX CEC Version v1.1

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@phdlee phdlee released this 11 Sep 08:46
· 10 commits to master since this release

This document is currently being edited.

Version 1.1 is the first major release since 1.08
I will release it after a 50-day beta test.

Version 1.1 is the same as Version 1.097 (Beta)
Version 1.1 is the version name change only from 1.097 (Version 1.097 had a test period of about 30 days)

Version 1.1 supports Nextion LCD and TJC LCD.

The uBITX CEC firmware officially supports 16x02 LCD Parallel, 16x02 I2C, 20x04 Parallel, 20x04 I2C and Dual 16x02 I2C LCD since 1.08

If you are using LCD at the time of uBITX purchase, you can install 16x02 Parallel Firmware.
There are five .hex files in the release. You can select the .hex file for your LCD.
The uBITX CEC firmware is based on the hardware not modified. and source.tar.gz are automatically generated by github. (I can not edit the name)
If you feel uncomfortable about version control of code, please download which I upload separately. The file contains information about adding / deleting / changing files.
For more information, please see the blog below.

Please refer to the homepage below for CEC Version Firmware manual and a lot of information about uBITX.