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Modular Emacs extensions to Haskell's editing and interactive modes
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Modular Emacs extensions to Haskell's editing and interactive modes

This project contains several completely independent (of eachother and haskell-mode) Emacs modules which provide additional helpful functionality to working with Haskell in Emacs.

Each one of the modules contains a brief description of the purpose and usage. Below is a brief overview of each of the modules, for ease of searching.

Table of Contents

  1. haskell-align-imports
  2. haskell-installed-packages.el
  3. haskell-navigate-imports.el
  4. haskell-sort-imports.el
  5. inf-haskell-send-cmd.el

1. haskell-align-imports.el

Provides one main function with which one can align up imports in a Haskell file.

2. haskell-installed-packages.el

Provides a few functions with which one can access the currently installed packages registered with ghc-pkg, read the package descriptions, and all modules.

3. haskell-navigate-imports.el

Provides one function which jumps you to the first import group in your Haskell file. Running it repeatedly cycles through groups of import statements. Running it with a prefix argument takes you back to where you were before you visited the import groups.

4. haskell-sort-imports.el

Provides one function which sorts the list of imports at the point alphabetically. Works nicely with haskell-align-imports.

If the region is active it sorts the imports within the region.

5. inf-haskell-send-cmd.el

Send arbitrary commands to inferior Haskell without echoing what is sent. Useful for controlling cabal and hlint from within Emacs.

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