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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
DEFAULTHOST = "" # allows public access
DEFAULTKEYSERVER = "" # only TLS enabled servers!
The main OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver Protocol functions are 'index' to search for a list
of keys and 'get' to retrieve a pgp key corresponding to a fingerprint. PGP keys are
usually looked up by first doing an 'index' operation and then a 'get' operation
requesting the PGP key by fingerprint. Because of this we need to cache fingerprints
for Namecoin ID lookups so that we know whether a fingerprint belongs to a
Namecoin ID. Unlike normal requests PGP keys for Namecoin IDs might be
downloaded from a custom website as specified in the name value. Also it will be
verified a cached fingerprint is still up to date.
Note: The integrity of the returned data will be validated externally in GPG (e.g.
verifying that a key matches a long fingerprint).
# workaround to make bottle stoppable - this can be cleaned up with bottle 0.13
import wsgiref.simple_server
original_make_server = wsgiref.simple_server.make_server
def my_make_server(*args, **kwargs):
server = original_make_server(*args, **kwargs)
args[2].server = server # app
return server
wsgiref.simple_server.make_server = my_make_server
# now stop via app.server.shutdown()
# Python3 compatibility
except NameError:
unicode = str
def remove_value(dic, value):
"""remove all items with value if any (in place)"""
for k, v in list(dic.items()):
if v == value:
del dic[k]
import re
ALLOWEDRE = "^id/[a-z0-9]+([-]?[a-z0-9])*$"
reg = re.compile(ALLOWEDRE)
import json
import contextlib
from urllib import quote # Python 2.X
except ImportError:
from urllib.parse import quote # Python 3+
from urllib2 import urlopen as urlopen_orig # Python 2.X
except ImportError:
from urllib.request import urlopen as urlopen_orig # Python 3+
def urlopen(url): # ensure "with"-context manager also in Python 2
return contextlib.closing(urlopen_orig(url))
import bottle
from expiringdict import ExpiringDict
import common
if __name__ == "__main__":['debug'] = True
import plugin
log = common.get_logger(__name__)
# Code to work as NMControl plugin
class pluginKeyHandler(plugin.PluginThread):
name = 'keyHandler'
options = {
'start' : ['Launch at startup', 1],
'host' : ['Listen on ip', DEFAULTHOST, '<ip>'],
'port' : ['Listen on port', DEFAULTPORT, '<port>'],
'keyserver' : ['Proxy keyserver', DEFAULTKEYSERVER, '<keyserver>'],
server = None
def pStart(self):
if self.server:
log.debug("Plugin %s parent start" % (
self.keyServer = KeyServer()
self.running = 1
def pStop(self, arg = []):
log.debug("Plugin %s parent stop" % (
if not self.running:
return True
self.running = False
self.server = None
return True
import pgpdump
def calc_fingerprint(asciiArmored):
a = pgpdump.AsciiData(asciiArmored)
p = a.packets()
try: # python 2 compatibility
n =
except AttributeError:
n = next(p)
fpr = "0x" + n.fingerprint.lower().decode("utf-8")
log.debug("calc_fingerprint:", fpr)
return fpr
def validate_fingerprint(fpr, s):
calculatedFpr = calc_fingerprint(s)
if not "0x" in fpr:
fpr = "0x" + fpr
assert fpr.lower() == calculatedFpr
except AssertionError:
log.debug("validate_fingerprint: Query does not match calculated fingerprint:", fpr.lower(), calculatedFpr)
log.debug("validate_fingerprint: proxy_to_standard_pks: match", calculatedFpr)
class BaseIdRequest(object):
def __init__(self, name, standardKeyServer):
if not reg.match(name):
bottle.abort(400, "Wrong id/ format.") = name
self.standardKeyServer = standardKeyServer
self.value = self.get_value(
self.fpr = self._extract_fpr()
def __init2__(self):
def get_fpr(self):
return self.fpr
def _extract_fpr(self):
# extract fpr
fpr = self.value["gpg"]["fpr"]
except KeyError:
fpr = self.value["fpr"] # untidy?
except KeyError:
bottle.abort(415, "No fingerprint found in " + str(
fpr = fpr.lower()
# check fpr
int(fpr, base=16)
except ValueError:
bottle.abort(415, "Bad fingerprint.")
if len(fpr) < 40: # 40: sha1
bottle.abort(415, "Insecure fingerprint.")
return fpr
def get_value(self, name): # is overwritten for standalone mode in class StandaloneIdRequest
value =['plugins']['data'].getValueProcessed(name)
except Exception as e: # todo: proper error handling in NMControl
bottle.abort(502, "Backend error (NMControl internal): " + repr(e))
if value == False:
bottle.abort(404, "Name not found or expired.") # NMControl does not deliever expired names
log.debug("get_value value:", type(value), value)
return value
def get_time(self): # NMControl does not support name creation date information nor rpc queries
nameTime = 468374400 # 1984-11-04
return nameTime
def get_index(self):
age = self.get_time()
s = "info:1:1\n"
s += "pub:" + self.fpr + ":::" + str(age) + "::\n"
n = []
for f in ["name", "email", "country", "locality"]:
if f in self.value:
if type(self.value[f]) == list:
v = self.value[f][0]
elif type(self.value[f]) == dict:
v = self.value[f]["default"]
v = self.value[f]
s += "uid:" + " - ".join(n) + "\n"
log.debug("get_index s:", s)
return s
def get_key(self):
url = self.value["gpg"]["uri"]
log.debug("get_key: trying custom key url:", url)
with urlopen(url) as response:
k =
url = ("https://" + self.standardKeyServer +
"/pks/lookup?op=get&options=mr&search=0x" + self.fpr)
log.debug("get_key: trying keyserver url:", url)
with urlopen(url) as response:
k =
validate_fingerprint(self.fpr, k)
log.debug("get_key: ok, len: " + str(len(k)))
return k
class StandaloneIdRequest(BaseIdRequest):
def __init2__(self):
log.debug("StandaloneIdRequest: init2")
self.rpcConnectionType = None
global namerpc
import namerpc
def get_rpc(self):
if not self.rpcConnectionType:
log.debug("get_rpc: init rpc")
tmpRpc = namerpc.CoinRpc(connectionType="auto")
self.rpcConnectionType = tmpRpc.connectionType
self.rpcOptions = tmpRpc.options
return namerpc.CoinRpc(connectionType=self.rpcConnectionType,
def rpc(self, method, args=[]):
rpc = self.get_rpc()
log.debug("StandaloneIdRequest:rpc: ", repr(method), repr(args))
return, args)
def get_data(self):
data = self.rpc("name_show", [])
except namerpc.NameDoesNotExistError:
bottle.abort(404, "Name not found: " + str(
except namerpc.RpcError:
bottle.abort(502, "Backend error (rpc).")
data = json.loads(data)
except TypeError:
if data["expired"] != False:
bottle.abort(498, "id/ name is expired: " + str(
return data
def get_value(self, name):
data = self.get_data()
value = data["value"]
value = json.loads(value)
except TypeError:
except ValueError: # generic error from json decode
bottle.abort(415, "Error json decoding name value for " + str(name))
log.debug("get_value value:", type(value), value)
return value
def get_time(self):
data = self.get_data()
height = data["height"]
blockHash = self.rpc("getblockhash", [height])
nameTime = self.rpc("getblockheader", [blockHash])["mediantime"]
log.debug("get_time:nameTime", nameTime)
except Exception as e:
log.debug("get_time: Exception: " + repr(e))
nameTime = 468374400 # 1984-11-04
return nameTime
class IdRequest(BaseIdRequest):
class RequestHandler(object):
def __init__(self, standardKeyServer=DEFAULTKEYSERVER):
# cache for connecting fingerprints to names - all lowercase so we don't have to handle 0X instead of 0x
self.idFprs = ExpiringDict(max_len=MAXCACHESIZE, max_age_seconds=60*CACHETIMETOLIVEMINUTES)
self.standardKeyServer = standardKeyServer
log.debug("New RequestHandler")
def build_url(self, search, op):
url = "https://" + self.standardKeyServer + "/pks/lookup?search=" + search + "&op=" + op
url += "&options=mr" # text
log.debug("build_url:", url)
return url
def proxy_to_standard_pks(self, request, search, op):
"""Pass request through to default keyserver."""
# currently this will break with NMControl as global system DNS because of
# getaddrinfo not being thread safe
log.debug("proxying to " + self.standardKeyServer)
if request:
url = request.urlparts._replace( # _replace is a public function despite the underscore
netloc=self.standardKeyServer, scheme="https").geturl()
log.debug("modified request:", url)
url = self.build_url(search, op)
with urlopen(url) as response:
s =
if op.lower() == "get":
validate_fingerprint(search, s)
log.debug("proxying done. bytes:", len(s))
return s
def get_cached_name(self, fpr):
name = self.idFprs[fpr]
return name
def update_cache(self, name, fpr):
remove_value(self.idFprs, name) # maybe a key was revoked (in place operation)
cacheFpr = "0x" + fpr.lower()
self.idFprs[cacheFpr] = name
log.debug("lookup: updated cache:", name, cacheFpr, len(self.idFprs))
def lookup_from_name(self, name, op):
log.debug("lookup_from_name: ", name, " op:", op)
idRequest = IdRequest(name, self.standardKeyServer)
fpr = idRequest.get_fpr()
self.update_cache(name, fpr)
if op == "get":
return idRequest.get_key()
return idRequest.get_index()
def lookup_op_from_idFpr(self, idFpr, op):
log.debug("lookup_idFpr", idFpr, op)
name = self.get_cached_name(idFpr)
# is the requested fingerprint still the correct one for the name in the cache or is the cache wrong by now?
idRequest = IdRequest(name, self.standardKeyServer)
currentFpr = idRequest.get_fpr()
if idFpr != "0x" + currentFpr:
bottle.abort(503, "Fingerprint mismatch. Out of date?")
if op == "index":
return idRequest.get_index()
elif op == "get":
return idRequest.get_key() # will try custom server, then standardKeyServer
def lookup_req(self, request):
bottle.response.content_type = 'text/plain; charset=utf-8'
search =
op = request.query.op
if op not in ["get", "index"]:
bottle.abort(501, "Operation not implemented: " + str(op))
return self.lookup(search, op, request=request)
def lookup(self, search, op, request=None):
log.debug("lookup: search:", search, " request:", request != None, " op:", op, len(self.idFprs))
# looking up a Namecoin id/ ?
if search.startswith("id/"):
name = search
return self.lookup_from_name(name, op)
# looking up a cached fingerprint?
if search.lower() in self.idFprs:
idFpr = search.lower()
return self.lookup_op_from_idFpr(idFpr, op)
# if neither looking for a Namecoin id/ nor for a fingerprint - hand over to standard keyserver
return self.proxy_to_standard_pks(request, search, op)
class KeyServer(object):
def __init__(self, host=DEFAULTHOST, port=DEFAULTPORT,
standardKeyServer=DEFAULTKEYSERVER): = host
self.port = port
self.standardKeyServer = standardKeyServer = bottle.Bottle()'/pks/lookup', ['GET', 'POST'], self.serve)'/pks/add', ['GET', 'POST'], self.httpError501) # as per the hkp spec
self.rh = RequestHandler(self.standardKeyServer)
def start(self):, host=DEFAULTHOST, port=DEFAULTPORT)
def stop(self): # todo: simplify with bottle v0.13
def serve(self):
log.debug(".............. request url:", bottle.request.url)
return self.rh.lookup_req(bottle.request)
def httpError501(self):
bottle.abort(501, "Not implemented.")
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