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JABM - Java Agent-Based Modelling toolkit

(C) 2015 Steve Phelps


JABM is a Java framework for building agent-based simulation models. A simulation model is constructed using dependency injection by creating a Spring beans configuration file which specifies which classes to use in the simulation and the values of any attributes (parameters). The Spring configuration file is specified using the system property jabm.config .

The main application class is DesktopSimulationManager


JABM requires Java version 6 or later. It has been tested against version 1.6.0_35 and 1.7.0_75.

Note that on Mac OS, you will need to use the Oracle version of Java instead of the default one shipped with the OS.


The project archive can be imported directly into the Eclipse IDE as an existing project. Alternatively, you can import the project into almost any Java IDE by importing the maven project file pom.xml.

In order to add jabm as a dependency to a Maven project, configure the following repository:


and then configure a dependency on the jabm artifact; for example:


Running the examples from the Eclipse IDE

The distribution archive can be imported directly into the Eclipse IDE by using the File/Import menu item. Create a launch configuration in the jabm-examples project with the main class net.sourceforge.jabm.DesktopSimulationManager and specify which configuration file you want to use by setting the system property jabm.config using the JVM argument -D , for example