Unity job activator for Hangfire
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This project is based on the Hangfire.Ninject project.

Hangfire background job activator based on Unity IoC Container. It allows you to use instance methods of classes that define parametrized constructors:

Thanks to mwillebrands for update and unit tests

public class EmailService
    private DbContext _context;
    private IEmailSender _sender;

    public EmailService(DbContext context, IEmailSender sender)
        _context = context;
        _sender = sender;

    public void Send(int userId, string message)
        var user = _context.Users.Get(userId);
        _sender.Send(user.Email, message);

// Somewhere in the code
BackgroundJob.Enqueue<EmailService>(x => x.Send(1, "Hello, world!"));

Improve the testability of your jobs without static factories!


Hangfire.Unity is available as a NuGet Package. Type the following command into NuGet Package Manager Console window to install it:

Install-Package Hangfire.Unity


The package provides an extension method for OWIN bootstrapper:

app.UseHangfire(config =>
    var container = new UnityContainer();
    // Setup your unity container

    // Use it with Hangfire

In order to use the library outside of web application, set the static JobActivator.Current property:

var container = new UnityContainer();
JobActivator.Current = new UnityJobActivator(container);