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TSQuery is a port of the ESQuery API for TypeScript! TSQuery allows you to query a TypeScript AST for patterns of syntax using a CSS style selector system.

Check out the ESQuery demo - note that the demo requires JavaScript code, not TypeScript

You can also check out the TSQuery Playground - Lovingly crafted by Uri Shaked


npm install @phenomnomnominal/tsquery --save-dev


Say we want to select all instances of an identifier with name "Animal", e.g. the identifier in the class declaration, and the identifier in the extends declaration.

We would do something like the following:

import { tsquery } from '@phenomnomnominal/tsquery';

const typescript = `

class Animal {
    constructor(public name: string) { }
    move(distanceInMeters: number = 0) {
        console.log(\`\${this.name} moved \${distanceInMeters}m.\`);

class Snake extends Animal {
    constructor(name: string) { super(name); }
    move(distanceInMeters = 5) {


const ast = tsquery.ast(typescript);
const nodes = tsquery(ast, 'Identifier[name="Animal"]');
console.log(nodes.length); // 2

Try running this code in StackBlitz!


The following selectors are supported:

Common AST node types

  • Identifier - any identifier (name of a function, class, variable, etc)
  • IfStatement, ForStatement, WhileStatement, DoStatement - control flow
  • FunctionDeclaration, ClassDeclaration, ArrowFunction - declarations
  • VariableStatement - var, const, let.
  • ImportDeclaration - any import statement
  • StringLiteral - any string
  • TrueKeyword, FalseKeyword, NullKeyword, AnyKeyword - various keywords
  • CallExpression - function call
  • NumericLiteral - any numeric constant
  • NoSubstitutionTemplateLiteral, TemplateExpression - template strings and expressions