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  1. scowl scowl Public

    A Scala DSL for programming with the OWL API.

    Scala 54 8

  2. phenoscape-owl-tools phenoscape-owl-tools Public

    OWL-based reasoning and data processing utilities for assembling the Phenoscape RDF knowledgebase.

    Scala 4 5

  3. Phenex Phenex Public

    Phenex is an application for annotating character matrix files with ontology terms using the Entity-Quality syntax for describing phenotypes.

    Java 10 3

  4. owlery owlery Public

    Owlery is a set of REST web services which allow querying of an OWL reasoner containing a configured set of ontologies.

    Scala 16 11

  5. phenoscape-kb-services phenoscape-kb-services Public

    Web services application for the Phenoscape RDF knowledgebase.

    Scala 1 3

  6. rphenoscape rphenoscape Public

    R package to make phenotypic traits from the Phenoscape Knowledgebase available from within R.

    R 5 5


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