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Patient matching across applications
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Remote matching module [VERSION 1.0]

Current Build Status

Jenkins CI : Build Status

#####Installation (some experience with PhenoTips/XWiki required):

  • Install Java 1.8 or higher.
  • Build and install
  • Build this project with mvn install
  • Manually run mvn install in the standalone-patch directory to get all the jars in one place; copy all the separate jars from the standalone-patch/patch into the PhenomeCentral webapp's WEB-INF/lib directory.
  • Import the UI (ui/target/*.xar) through the PhenoTips administration interface.
  • Configure a remote server in the administration. To communicate with self, http://localhost:8080/rest/remoteMatcher/.

#####Folder structure = core/
||=api/ Interfaces only.
||=server/ Server part: handles incoming requests
||=client/ Client part: sends outgoign requests and provides a service for result diplay in UI.
||=hibernate/ Request storage subsystem.
||=rest/ REST subsystem for interacting with matches.
||=metrics/ REST subsystem for exposing metrics.
= ui/ XWiki document sources for the MME configuration.

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