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* Phergie (
* @copyright Copyright (c) 2008-2014 Phergie Development Team (
* @license Simplified BSD License
* @package Phergie\Irc\Bot\React
namespace Phergie\Irc\Bot\React;
use Phergie\Irc\GeneratorInterface;
* Interface for a queue to contain commands issued by plugins to be sent to
* servers so as to allow for manipulation of those commands by plugins prior
* to their transmission.
* @category Phergie
* @package Phergie\Irc\Bot\React
interface EventQueueInterface extends GeneratorInterface, \IteratorAggregate, \Countable
* Removes and returns an event from the front of the queue.
* @return \Phergie\Irc\Event\EventInterface|null Removed event or null if
* the queue is empty
public function extract();