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This repository has been archived by the owner before Nov 9, 2022. It is now read-only.


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This project is abandoned

This repo is being kept for posterity and will be archived in a readonly state. If you're interested it can be forked under a new Composer namespace/GitHub organization.


Utility used to generate files for Phergie plugins.


Simply clone or download this repository and run the install command of composer from the repository root.


Run bin/phergie-scaffold from any directory. Within that directory, a new directory will be created containing files for a new plugin based on input gathered by the program when it is run.

$ ./bin/phergie-scaffold
Short plugin name: Test
Plugin purpose: testing the scaffolding tool
Plugin URL:
Author name (default Phergie Development Team):
Author e-mail address (default
Author URL (default
License name (default Simplified BSD License):
License URL (default
Composer license value (default BSD-2-Clause):
Copyright years (default 2015): 2008-2015
composer.json name attribute (default phergie/phergie-irc-plugin-react-test):
Repo URL (default
Issues URL:
PHP namespace (default Phergie\Irc\Plugin\React\Test):
Command plugin (y/n, default n):
Command to run composer (default php ~/bin/composer.phar):
Created plugin directory phergie-irc-plugin-react-test
Created plugin directory phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/src
Created plugin directory phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/tests/Phergie/Irc/Plugin/React/Test
Initialized git repository in plugin directory phergie-irc-plugin-react-test
Created plugin file phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/src/Plugin.php
Created test file phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/tests/Phergie/Irc/Plugin/React/Test/PluginTest.php
Created PHPUnit file phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/tests/phpunit.xml
Created Travis CI file phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/.travis.yml
Created license file phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/LICENSE
Created README file phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/
Created composer file phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/composer.json
Created .gitignore file phergie-irc-plugin-react-test/.gitignore
Installing composer dependencies in plugin directory phergie-irc-plugin-react-test
Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies (including require-dev)


An optional configuration file can be used to control the default setting values that are used. The path to this configuration file is assumed by be ~/.phergie-scaffold by default, but can be changed by passing a different path as the first parameter to bin/phergie-scaffold.

This file uses a simple line-based X=Y format. Here are the supported settings for which values may be specified in this file:

Name Description Default Value
author_email E-mail address of the plugin author
author_name Name of the plugin author Phergie Development Team
author_url URL of the web site for the plugin author
base_composer_name Prefix for composer name attribute to which the specified value for "Short plugin name" will be appended phergie/phergie-irc-plugin-react-
base_namespace Base namespace to which the specified value for "Short plugin name" will be appended Phergie\\Irc\\Plugin\\React\\
base_repo_url Base repo URL to which the full composer package name will be appended
command_event_class Event class or interface used for command events Phergie\\Irc\\Plugin\\React\\Command\\CommandEvent
command_handler_method Name of the handler method stub in the plugin class for command events handleCommand
command_plugin y/n flag indicating whether the plugin is a command plugin n
composer_command Command used to invoke Composer php ~/bin/composer.phar
copyright_years Range of copyright years for the plugin source code String containing the current year
license_name Name of the license for the plugin Simplified BSD License
license_url URL of the license for the plugin
license_value Composer value of the license for the plugin BSD-2-Clause
standard_event_class Event class or interface used for non-command events Phergie\\Irc\\Event\\EventInterface
standard_handler_method Name of the handler method stub in the plugin class for non-command events handleEvent

Here's an example configuration file:
author_name=Matthew Turland
license_name=MIT License


Released under the BSD License. See LICENSE.


Utility used to generate files for Phergie plugins







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