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return array(
// One array per connection, pretty self-explanatory
'connections' => array(
// Ex: All connection info for the Freenode network
'host' => '',
'port' => 6667,
'username' => 'Elazar',
'realname' => 'Matthew Turland',
'nick' => 'Phergie2',
// 'password' => 'password goes here if needed',
// 'transport' => 'ssl', // uncomment to connect using SSL
// 'encoding' => 'UTF-8', // uncomment if using UTF-8
// 'context' => array('socket' => array('bindto' => '')), // uncomment to force use of IPv4
'processor' => 'async',
'processor.options' => array('usec' => 200000),
// Time zone. See:
'timezone' => 'UTC',
// Whitelist of plugins to load
'plugins' => array(
// To enable a plugin, simply add a string to this array containing
// the short name of the plugin as shown below.
// 'ShortPluginName',
// Below is an example of enabling the AutoJoin plugin, for which
// the corresponding PEAR package is Phergie_Plugin_AutoJoin. This
// plugin allows you to set a list of channels in this configuration
// file that the bot will automatically join when it connects to a
// server. If you'd like to enable this plugin, simply install it,
// uncomment the line below, and set a value for the setting
// autojoin.channels (examples for which are located further down in
// this file).
// 'AutoJoin',
// A few other recommended plugins:
// Servers randomly send PING events to clients to ensure that
// they're still connected and will eventually terminate the
// connection if a PONG response is not received. The Pong plugin
// handles sending these responses.
// 'Pong',
// It's sometimes difficult to distinguish between a lack of
// activity on a server and the client not receiving data even
// though a connection remains open. The Ping plugin performs a self
// CTCP PING sporadically to ensure that its connection is still
// functioning and, if not, terminates the bot.
// 'Ping',
// Sometimes it's desirable to have the bot disconnect gracefully
// when issued a command to do so via a PRIVMSG event. The Quit
// plugin implements this using the Command plugin to intercept the
// command.
// 'Quit',
// If set to true, this allows any plugin dependencies for plugins
// listed in the 'plugins' option to be loaded even if they are not
// explicitly included in that list
'plugins.autoload' => true,
// Enables shell output describing bot events via Phergie_Ui_Console
'ui.enabled' => true,
// Examples of a prefix for command-based plugins
// 'command.prefix' => '!',
// If you uncomment the line above, this would invoke onCommandJoin
// in the Join plugin: !join #channel
// By default, no prefix is assumed, so the same command would be
// invoked like this: join #channel
// Examples of supported values for
// 'autojoin.channels' => '#channel1,#channel2',
// 'autojoin.channels' => array('#channel1', '#channel2'),
// 'autojoin.channels' => array(
// 'host1' => '#channel1,#channel2',
// 'host2' => array('#channel3', '#channel4')
// ),
// Examples of setting values for Ping plugin settings
// This is the amount of time in seconds that the Ping plugin will wait
// to receive an event from the server before it initiates a self-ping
// 'ping.event' => 300, // 5 minutes
// This is the amount of time in seconds that the Ping plugin will wait
// following a self-ping attempt before it assumes that a response will
// never be received and terminates the connection
// '' => 10, // 10 seconds