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Commits on Apr 14, 2012
  1. @elazar

    Bumping copyright year

    elazar authored
Commits on Aug 14, 2011
  1. @elazar
Commits on Apr 9, 2011
  1. @Ttech

    This is a combination of 4 commits.

    Ttech authored
    added files 2011
    	modified:   Phergie/Autoload.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Bot.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Config.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Config/Exception.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Connection.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Connection/Exception.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Connection/Handler.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Driver/Abstract.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Driver/Exception.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Driver/Streams.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Event/Abstract.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Event/Command.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Event/Exception.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Event/Handler.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Event/Request.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Event/Response.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Exception.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Hostmask.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Hostmask/Exception.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Abstract.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Acl.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/AltNick.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/AudioScrobbler.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/AutoJoin.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Beer.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/BeerScore.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Cache.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Caffeine.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Censor.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Cocktail.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Command.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Cookie.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Cron.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Ctcp.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Daddy.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Db.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Encoding.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Exception.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/FeedManager.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/FeedParser.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/FeedTicker.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Google.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Handler.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Help.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Http.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Ideone.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Invisible.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Iterator.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Join.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Karma.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Lart.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Message.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/NickServ.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Part.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Php.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Ping.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Pong.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Prioritize.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Puppet.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Quit.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Reload.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Remind.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Serve.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/SpellCheck.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Tea.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Temperature.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/TerryChay.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/TheFuckingWeather.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Time.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Tld.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Twitter.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Url.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/UserInfo.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Weather.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Wine.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Plugin/Youtube.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Process/Abstract.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Process/Async.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Process/Exception.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Process/Standard.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Ui/Abstract.php
    	modified:   Phergie/Ui/Console.php
    	modified:   PhergiePackageTask.php
    	modified:   phergie.php
    added files 2011
    Updated all php files to 2011 using sed -i 's/2010/2011/' * and recursive directories
    fixed addition of ~ file
Commits on Mar 6, 2010
  1. @elazar

    Fixes issue #32 - Allow default configuration logic to run when no co…

    elazar authored
    …nfiguration files are specified using a manual installation (thanks dotEvan)
Commits on Mar 5, 2010
  1. @dotEvan

    fixes issue #32 - ensures there are arguments to process, otherwise p…

    dotEvan authored
    …opulates Phergie_Bot with a empty Phergie_Config instance
Commits on Mar 3, 2010
  1. @elazar

    Added a check and corresponding output for register_argc_argv being d…

    elazar authored
    …isabled and preventing configuration files from being specified when executing phergie.php
Commits on Feb 28, 2010
Commits on Feb 17, 2010
  1. Modified the build file to include phpDocumentor API documentation ge…

    Matthew Turland authored
    …neration and modified a few source files to reduce the number of errors generated by the task for unrecognized @const tags and @see tags required for include statements
Commits on Feb 16, 2010
  1. Fixed a path issue with the autoloader class file in the phergie.php …

    Matthew Turland authored
Commits on Feb 6, 2010
  1. * Finalized the build file including adding a new target for building…

    Matthew Turland authored
    … plugin packages
    * Added a custom phing task file used for building Phergie core and plugin packages
    * Moved all non-code files out of the main Phergie directory
    * Changed instances of @package Phergie_Core to @package Phergie in docblocks
    * Added @uses tags to plugin classes for dependencies, which are used when building plugin packages
    * Moved Bootstrap.php to phergie.php outside the main Phergie directory (which will become a phergie executable when installed)
    * Added a phergie.bat runner for Windows
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