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Block IQ is an app where user take a quiz about the attributes of their census block.

The workflow for BlockIQ is as follows:

  1. The user enters an address, currently only addresses in Philadlephia work

  2. The app geocodes the address, and uses the FCC Census Block Conversion API (available here: to find the FIPS Code corrresponding to the census block of the address using it's longitude and latitude.

  3. The app uses the FIPS Code to obtain information about the census block from the Census American Community Survey 5 Year API (available here:

  4. THe app generates a quiz based on the data pulled from this API, and assigns the user a score based on their answers to the quiz.

The HTML and CSS were written by Yi Xu, Peter Herman, Esther Needham, and Yu-Chu Huang with help from Jeff Frankl.

The Javascript was written by Peter Herman, Yi Xu, Esther Needham, and Yu-Chu Huang, with help from Jeff Frankl.

Quiz Questions and Research by Ali Shott and Phillip Pierdomenico.

Future Directions:

-Make the app work for locations outside of Philadlephia (at least the quiz aspect, if not also showing the census block shape)

-Create new questions and sort them into catagories corresponding to different parts of the American Community Survey


App Where User Guesses Information about Census Block



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