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An experiment in distro maintenance.
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JH/UX - An experiment in distro maintenance.

The list of packages that are installed on the LiveCD and the installed system
is packagelist.txt. The list of packages that reside solely in the liveCD is

The folder filesystem contains various files that will be put into the LiveCD

The folder PKGBUILDS contains extra packages not contained in the Arch Linux
repository, but still necessary for the LiveCD. These packages will be built
and placed in a custom local repository in the folder "repo".

The Arch Linux Repository Mirror, the ISO label, and the ISO name can be
customized by changing the values of the variables at the top of the Makefile

To build the iso, run:

	make iso

or simply


To just build the packages, run:

	make packages

or to force a rebuild of all the packages, run:

	make packages-force

To setup the filesystem for further modifications, run:

	make fs
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