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Free PHP editor script to edit web pages directly from within the browser
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PHP Browser Edit

PHP Browser Edit is a free PHP editor script to edit web pages directly from within the browser.

Note: This script expects the user to have a solid understanding of the sources being edited. This is not a fancy WYSIWYG toy or point-and-click thing.

Features are minimal. There's no extra Save as because the same can be achieved with Copy. Simply enter a file name and press the appropiate button. You can add a path (without leading /), e.g. new/dir/file.ext, to save the file at a different location.

Deleted files can be restored by pressing the Save button immediately after deleting. Hovering the left margin produces a file tree, the right margin renders a web preview. Moving the pointer out of the area restores the normal editor screen.

Direct access without a valid file token will fail, even if the password is correct. Any attempt to open a file outside the scope of $bed_tree, e.g. by changing the token in the address bar, immediately terminates the session.

The expected syntax to pass a file to the editor is via load.php, e.g. load.php?/path/to/ You probably want to point $bed_tree to a directory above the script folder. You can do so by setting $bed_tree = "/dir/"; or $bed_tree = "/dir1/dir2/";, etc.

Edit conf.php to your likes and then navigate to index.php in the script folder to experiment. Once you are familiar with the script, and have set $bed_tree to point to the proper location, it's safe to delete the demo folder.

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