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Notes about tinkering with Android Project Treble
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How to build

  • clone this repository
  • call the build scripts from a separate directory

For example:

git clone
mkdir Lineage; cd Lineage
bash ../treble_experimentations/ android-8.1 lineage

More flexible build script

(this has been tested much less)

bash ../treble_experimentations/ rr

The script should provide a help message if you pass something it doesn't understand

Using Docker

clone this repository, then:

docker build -t treble docker/

docker container create --name treble treble

docker run -ti \
    -v $(pwd):/treble \
    -v $(pwd)/../treble_output:/treble_output \
    -w /treble_output \
    treble \
    /bin/bash /treble/ rr \
    arm-aonly-gapps-su \

Conventions for commit messages:

  • [UGLY] Please make this patch disappear as soon as possible
  • [master] tag means that the commit should be dropped in a future rebase
  • [device] tag means this change is device-specific workaround
  • ::device name:: will try to describe which devices are concerned by this change
  • [userfriendly] This commit is NOT used for hardware support, but to make the rom more user friendly
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