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Scraping Reddit

The purpose of this program is to scrape a subreddit for something specific. The program will send an email (or text) when there is a new post containing the word/phrase entered into the program.


The program uses PRAW (The Python Reddit API Wrapper), so that package must be installed for this program to run.

Click here for more details to install.

How to run

The program is intended to be run as a bot. What this program does is that it checks the newest post for what is searched for and writes the title of the found post onto a text file. The next time the program checks it double checks with the text file and if the title is different, the program will sent out an email notification.

Use some form of task scheduler to automate the program.

Also be mindful of Reddit's terms such as no more than 1 request every 2 seconds.

How to send text messages instead of email

To send text messages simply find the carrier email to SMS gateway. A quick Google search will do. Or a quick text message sent to email will tell.

For example, "1234567890@text.att.net" is a carrier email to sms gateway for ATT.