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Generating a Navbar

Navbar and Menus Extension

We make use of KnpMenu and KnpMenuBundle in order to help in the generation of Bootstrap Menus and navbars. We also provide a pass-through function for knp_menu_render, mopa_bootstrap_menu which sets some default options for the menus.

To learn how to create menus with KnpMenuBundle, please check their documentation before continuing.

Navbars have changed!

If you are upgrading from using Navbars previously, check out our further documentation about upgrading.

Activate the extension

To load the navbar extensions (Twig Extension, and KnpMenu Extension) just add the following in your config.yml. You need to activate this extension in order to use the Twig function and KnpMenu Navbar extension.

    menu: ~

Auto bootstrap menu

By adding "automenu" : "navbar" or "automenu": "pills" you can use mopa_boostrap_menu to generate bootstrap3 markup even if your underlying menu doesnt have special menu options or class attributes etc

{{ mopa_bootstrap_menu('mymenu', {'automenu': 'navbar'}) }}

See below for Special Menu Options, the automenu just sets these based on the root item you provide, and CHANGES the attributes of the children accordingly in a magic way.

If you need control yourself, just ommit automenu setting and do whatever you need

Special Menu Options

We register a new menu extension so you have options available to you:

  • navbar
  • pills
  • stacked
  • dropdown-header
  • dropdown
  • caret
  • pull-right
  • icon

Example Usage:

class Builder
    public function mainMenu(FactoryInterface $factory, array $options)
        // Menu will be a navbar menu anchored to right
        $menu = $factory->createItem('root', array(
            'navbar' => true,
            'pull-right' => true,

        // Add a regular child with an icon, icon- is prepended automatically
        $layout = $menu->addChild('Layout', array(
            'icon' => 'home',
            'route' => 'mopa_bootstrap_layout_example',

        // Create a dropdown with a caret
        $dropdown = $menu->addChild('Forms', array(
            'dropdown' => true,
            'caret' => true,

        // Create a dropdown header
        $dropdown->addChild('Some Header', array('dropdown-header' => true));
        $dropdown->addChild('Example 1', array('route' => 'some_route'));

        return $menu;

Rendering a Navbar

Navbars are rendered by using the Twig embed tag. This is similar to include in that it includes the template, but it also lets your override blocks in that template.

It is not necessary to use these templates, they are just simply there to provide you with a shortcut to creating Navbars more quickly. You can always extend these templates and embed your own templates instead.

You can create your menu as a service or you can use the controller notation.

Here is a sample Navbar:

{% embed '@MopaBootstrap/Navbar/navbar.html.twig' with { fixedTop: true, staticTop: false, inverse: true } %}
    {% block brand %}
        <a class="navbar-brand" href="#">Mopa Bootstrap</a>
    {% endblock %}

    {% block menu %}
        {{ mopa_bootstrap_menu('AcmeBundle:Builder:mainMenu') }}
        {{ mopa_bootstrap_menu('menuAlias') }}
    {% endblock %}
{% endembed %}

Change the Navbar template

Maybe you have multiple Navbars that you would like to keep the brand consistent, or one of the menus is always the same. You can do this by extending the Navbar template and then embedding it:

{# @Acme/Navbar/navbar.html.twig #}
{% extends '@MopaBootstrap/Navbar/navbar.html.twig' %}

{% block menu %}
    {{ mopa_bootstrap_menu('AcmeBundle:Builder:mainMenu') }}
{% endblock %}

{% block brand %}
    <a class="navbar-brand" href="{{ path('dashboard') }}">Acme</a>
{% endblock %}

Now embed that in your template instead:

{% embed '@Acme/Navbar/navbar.html.twig' with { fixedTop: true } %}
    {% block menu %}
        {{ parent() }}
        {{ mopa_bootstrap_menu('AcmeBundle:Builder:rightMenu') }}
    {% endblock %}
{% endembed %}

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