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{% extends "MopaBootstrapSandboxBundle::layout.html.twig" %}
{% from 'MopaBootstrapBundle::flash.html.twig' import session_flash %}
{% block headline %}Extended Forms Views{% endblock headline %}
{% block content %}
<div class="col-lg-6">
<form class="form-horizontal">
<legend>Example extended forms via view</legend>
{{ form_row(form.textfield1, {'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-4', 'attr': {'placeholder': 'col-lg-4'}}) }}
{{ form_row(form.textfield2, {'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-6', 'horizontal_label_class': 'col-lg-offset-3', 'attr': {'placeholder': 'col-lg-6'}}) }}
{{ form_row(form.textfield3, {'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-9', 'attr': {'placeholder': 'col-lg-9'}}) }}
{{ form_row(form.select1, {'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-4'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.select2, {'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-6'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.select3, {'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-9'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.prepend1, {'label': 'Prepended Text', 'widget_addon_prepend': {'text': '@'}, 'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-4'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.prepend2, {'label': 'Prepended Icon', 'widget_addon_prepend': {'icon': 'headphones'}, 'attr': {'placeholder': 'Which kind of music?'}}) }}
{{ form_row(form.append1, {'label': 'Appended Text', 'widget_addon_append': {'text': '.00'}, 'attr': { 'placeholder': 'col-lg-4'},'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-5'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.append2, {'label': 'Appended Icon', 'widget_addon_append': {'icon': 'pencil'}, 'attr': {'placeholder': 'Which kind of books?'}}) }}
{{ form_row(form.checkboxesinline, {'label': 'Inline Checkboxes', 'widget_type': 'inline'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.checkboxes, {'label': 'Checkboxes'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.radiobuttons, {'help_block': '<strong>Note:</strong> Labels surround all the options for much larger click areas and a more usable form.'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.publicVisible, {'label': 'publicVisible', 'required': 'false'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.time1, {'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-4'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.Prefix_Text, {'widget_prefix': "Prefix Text", 'attr': {'placeholder': 'col-lg-4'}, 'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-4'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.Suffix_Text, {'widget_suffix': "Suffix Text", 'attr': {'placeholder': 'col-lg-4'}, 'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-4'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.Money_default, {'attr': {'placeholder': 'col-lg-4'}, 'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-4'}) }}
{{ form_row(form.Percent_default, {'attr': {'placeholder': 'col-lg-4'}, 'horizontal_input_wrapper_class': 'col-lg-4'}) }}
<div class="form-actions">
<button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary">Save changes</button>
<button type="reset" class="btn">Cancel</button>
<div class="col-lg-6">
<h3>Everything's included</h3>
<p>All things shown here are directly included via the bundle.</p>
<p>You can completely drive the appearence within view too, and hopefully updates wont change the anything!!</p>
<p>An example: to generate a nice input field with appended icon:</p>
<pre class="prettyprint">
<p>and in your twig template:</p>
<pre class="prettyprint">{% raw %}
{{ form_row(form.appendedicon,
{'label': 'Appended Icon',
'widget_addon': {'type': 'append',
'icon': 'headphones'},
'attr': {'class': 'input-large',
'placeholder': 'What kind of music do you like?'}
}) }}
{% endraw %}</pre>
<h3>Detailed Examples!</h3>
<p>Have a look into the <a href="">source code</a> of this template and its <a href="">form class</a> and see how this page is completely view driven</p>
{% endblock content %}
{% set showTemplate = _self %}{% set showForm = formType %}