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== 0.2.1 - ???
* Cleaned up the repo. The C source files have been removed from the main
repository (and this gem). They are in a separate branch on github for
anyone who misses them.
* Refactored the Rakefile, removing tasks related to the old C source files,
and added tasks for cleaning, building and installing a gem.
* Updated the README file, eliminating references to anything that was only
related to the older C version.
== 0.2.0 - 19-Jun-2009
* Rewritten in pure Ruby!
* The TaskScheduler::ONCE constant is now a valid trigger type. Thanks go to
Uri Iurgel for the spot and patch.
* Added the TaskScheduler#exists? method.
* Added the TaskScheduler#tasks alias for the TaskScheduler#enum method.
* The TaskScheduler#new_work_item method now accepts symbols as well as
strings for hash keys, and ignores case. Also, the keys are now validated.
* Renamed the example file and test file.
* Added the 'example' Rake task.
* Fixed some code in the README synopsis that was incorrect.
== 0.1.0 - 11-May-2008
* The TaskScheduler#save instance method now accepts an optional file name.
* Most of the TaskScheduler setter methods now return the value specified
instead of true.
The MSDN docs say that they are unused.
* Added more documentation. Much more rdoc friendly now.
* Added many more tests.
* Better type handling for bad arguments.
* Added a Rakefile with tasks for building, installation and testing.
* Added a gemspec.
* Inlined the rdoc documentation.
* Internal project reorganization and code cleanup.
== 0.0.3 - 1-Mar-2005
* Bug fix for the bitFieldToHumanDays() internal function.
* Moved the 'examples' directory to the toplevel directory.
* Made the CHANGES and README files rdoc friendly.
* Minor updates to taskscheduler.h.
== 0.0.2 - 04-Aug-2004
* Now uses the newer allocation framework and replaced all instances of the
deprecated STR2CSTR() function with StringValuePtr(). This means that, as
of this release, Ruby 1.8.0 or later is required.
* Modified the constructor to accept arguments. This is just some sugar for
creating a new task item in one call instead of two.
* The argument to trigger= now must be a hash. The same goes for the 'type'
* Added the add_trigger() method. Actually, the C code for this method was
already in place, I simply forgot to create a corresponding Ruby method
for it.
* Removed the create_trigger() method. This was really nothing more than an
alias for trigger=(). I got confused somehow.
* Test suite modified and many more tests added.
* Documentation updates, including docs for a couple of methods that I had
accidentally omitted previously.
== 0.0.1 - 24-Apr-2004
* Initial release