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= Description
The win32-taskscheduler library is a Ruby interface to the MS Windows Task
Scheduler. It is analogous to the Unix cron daemon.
= Prerequisites
* win32-api
* windows-pr
= Installation
gem install win32-taskscheduler
= Synopsis
require 'win32/taskscheduler'
include Win32
ts =
# Create a trigger that starts on April 25, 2014 at 11:05 pm. The trigger
# will run on the first and last week of the month, on Monday and Friday,
# in the months of April and May.
trigger = {
:start_year => 2014,
:start_month => 4,
:start_day => 25,
:start_hour => 23,
:start_minute => 5,
:trigger_type => TaskScheduler::MONTHLYDOW,
:type => {
:weeks => TaskScheduler::FIRST_WEEK | TaskScheduler::LAST_WEEK,
:days_of_week => TaskScheduler::MONDAY | TaskScheduler::FRIDAY,
:months => TaskScheduler::APRIL | TaskScheduler::MAY
ts.new_work_item('my_notepad', trigger)
ts.application_name = 'notepad.exe'
= Documentation
If you installed this library as a gem then the documentation was built for
you and can be viewed if your gem server is running.
Otherwise, you can look at the doc/taskscheduler.txt file which should have
everything you need.
= Acknowledgements
This library was modeled to some degree on the Win32::TaskScheduler Perl
module by Umberto Nicoletti. However, there are some differences. Please see
the documentation for details.
= Using OLE
There's an OLE version in the works. Please see the 'ole' branch on github.
= Warranty
This package is provided "as is" and without any express or
implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
= Known Issues
None known.
Please submit any bug reports to the project page at
= Copyright
(C) 2003-2010 Daniel J. Berger
All Rights Reserved
= License
Artistic 2.0
= Authors
Park Heesob
Daniel Berger