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A Ruby interface for the task scheduler on MS Windows
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= Description
The win32-taskscheduler library is a Ruby interface to the MS Windows Task
Scheduler. It is analogous to the Unix cron daemon.

= Synopsis
   require 'win32/taskscheduler'
   include Win32

   ts =

   # Create a trigger that starts on April 25, 2014 at 11:05 pm. The trigger
   # will run on the first and last week of the month, on Monday and Friday,
   # in the months of April and May.
   trigger = {
      :start_year   => 2014,
      :start_month  => 4,
      :start_day    => 25,
      :start_hour   => 23,
      :start_minute => 5,
      :trigger_type => TaskScheduler::MONTHLYDOW,
      :type => {
         :weeks        => TaskScheduler::FIRST_WEEK | TaskScheduler::LAST_WEEK,
         :days_of_week => TaskScheduler::MONDAY | TaskScheduler::FRIDAY,
         :months       => TaskScheduler::APRIL | TaskScheduler::MAY

   ts.new_work_item('foo', trigger)
   ts.application_name = 'notepad.exe'

= Prerequisites
Ruby 1.8.2 or later.
Building from source requires VC++ 6.0 or later.
Windows XP or earlier. Vista and later not currently supported.

= Installation
rake install (non-gem) OR rake install_gem (gem)

For most of you 'gem install win32-taskscheduler' will work.

= Documentation
If you installed this library as a gem then the documentation was built for
you and can be viewed if your gem server is running.

Otherwise, you can look at the doc/taskscheduler.txt file which should have
everything you need.

= Acknowledgements
This library was modeled to some degree on the Win32::TaskScheduler Perl
module by Umberto Nicoletti. However, there are some differences. Please see
the documentation for details.

= On using OLE + WMI + Win32_ScheduledJob
I will probably include a pure Ruby version of this library at some point,
and you can find what I have so far in CVS under lib/win32. Note, however,
that there are some significant differences in behavior between the C
library and WMI, along with limitations regarding modification to existing

You can find a list of differences here:

= Developer's Notes
The CoInitialize() function is used internally instead of CoInitializeEx()
function intentionally. The CoInitialize() function merely calls the
CoInitializeEx() function with NULL and COINIT_APARTMENTTHREADED arguments,
which is what we would do in any case.
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