A Series of codes I ported to jQuery from Dojo
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Bloody jQuery Plugins

A small collection of useful functionality available by default in Dojo, though useful in plain-ole-JavaScript context.


Advanced scope manipulation in jQuery. For jQuery 1.3 and before, as 1.4 the official "way" to accomplish this is via $.proxy ... New versions of this module may curry arguments, giving it an advantage over proxy. The Dojo version currently curries arguments.


Ambiguous communication plugin. Small API surface. Publish some message to listeners.


Date functionality for jQuery, living in the $.date namespace. Provides date.add, date.compare, date.difference, and a few other small utility functions. Ignore the word dojo in the source. By way of JavaScript magic it is actually a jQuery plugin. I promise.


Port of some random MIT/GPL Number formatting plugin to allow "plain ole' Number formatting" without requirement of the number being formatted be in the DOM. Retains API of original plugin, though exposes the formatter and parser publicly.


Being stolen directly from the Dojo Toolkit source, these plugins are released under a dual AFL/BSD license identical to Dojo proper. See http://dojotoolkit.org/license for more information.