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Red vs. Blue Application for the Boxee Platform
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|            Think One Zero             |
|     |
|     boxee[AT]thinkonezero[DOT]com     |

Github Information
User: phikai
Branch:  phikai / boxee-redvsblue  

Repository Information:
The Think One Zero Repository contains all boxee applications developed
and supported by Think One Zero.

The apps:
* ESPN3:
* FilmCow:
* Red vs. Blue:
* TechCrunch TV:

== About Red vs. Blue App ==
The Red vs. Blue app for Boxee provides all the youtube available videos
from the Red vs. Blue Web Series.

== Install ==

Since these aren't yet in the official repository, you need to 
add "" as a 3rd party repository first

1. Apps
2. Add Repository (all the way on the bottom in the left pane) 

You'll then be able to see all apps in the repository and add them to your apps.