Java CSS Stream Parser
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CSS Parser

CSS Stream Parser for Java


This is a Stream Parser for reading Cascading Style-Sheets (CSS) using Java. Used correctly, this can provide a fast and efficient way for parsing CSS. It is also designed to be scalable for new versions of CSS, in that adding additional support for At-Rules is straight-forward, adding new syntax is relatively straight-forward, and all of the current features are supported (as of January, 2014).

I am currently using this project in the droidQuery project, to use CSS to manipulate the Android UI. Apart from that, this library has not been extensively tested. If you find any issues, please report them here.


The simplest way to include jCSS-Parser in your project is to build using ant, then include the jar in your build path. The simplest way to parse a CSS file is using the following code:

    //First get the input stream. For example, from a file
    InputStream is = new FileInputStream(new File("/path/to/my/CSS/main.css"));

    //Then parse        
    CSSParser parser = new CSSParser(is, new DefaultCSSHandler());
catch (Throwable t)

For more help, see


Copyright 2013 Phil Brown

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