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It's time for 2.2.1-RELEASE


Fixes #4257 With the platform_booting() fixes a regression was done o…
…n openvpn tap interfaces or dynamic ones that are part of a bridge.

Allow during bootup rc.newwanip to continue up to a ceratin part to handle bridges or other complex interfaces.


It's time to move to 2.2-BETA


Alias name cannot have more than 31 chars, add maxlength here just as…
… an extra check. Ticket #3827


Only include a scheduled rule if it is strictly before the end time
The exact moment of the end time is the end of the schedule. We do not want to include a rule when filter_configure_sync wakes up at 00:15:00 etc and is on a not-slow system that processes this code during the interval 00:15:00 to 00:15:01. This should help intermittent issues with schedules not finishing at the appropriate 15-minute boundary. Might help or fix #3558


Put .hushlogin even here to not be done from tools repo. Maybe some p…
…eople would like to have that on rmlist.


Use an alphanumeric test rather than purely is_numericint because the…
… ID is generated by uniqid and is not purely numeric. Fixes #3591


Fix #3555, on chrome it is not initializing correct minutes when addi…
…ng a new time, just drop unused php variables and set it on js
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