A PHP class to control Sonos products
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A PHP class to control Sonos products

Forked from https://github.com/DjMomo/sonos Fork / updates found at https://github.com/phil-lavin/sonos

New features of this fork

Code Refactors

  • Replace all private with protected so the class can be reasonably extended
  • Fix the redundant $next param in AddToQueue
  • Tidy up inconsistent whitespace


  • static get_room_coordinator(string room_name) : Returns an instance of SonosPHPController representing the 'coordinator' of the specified room
  • static detect(string ip,string port) : IP and port are optional. Returns an array of instances of SonosPHPController, one for each Sonos device found on the network
  • get_coordinator() : Returns an instance of SonosPHPController representing the 'coordinator' of the room this device is in
  • device_info() : Gets some info about this device as an array
  • AddSpotifyToQueue(string spotify_id,bool next) : Adds the provided spotify ID to the queue either next or at the end

Original Changelog

2013-06-08 - V1.0 - Initial version on Github 2013-06-16 - Bugs fixes and new features : - Say name song - TTS messages can be greater than 100 car.


Configuration :

-- None --


How to use :

See sonos.php or sonos.tts.php And http://www.planete-domotique.com/blog/2013/06/10/une-classe-php-pour-piloter-ses-sonos-avec-leedomus/