Powder for your browser! A simple sinatra interface to Powder and Pow!


Powder for your browser!

A simple web server interface to powder CLI for pow! This gives you the ability to create a bookmark button in your browser that will restart your development app and redirect to the root url.


  • Application Restart
    • Restarts a linked application and redirects to it's root url
      • Browse to http://powser.dev/restart
    • Redirect to a custom url by passing in the redirect parameter to the action
      • http://powser.dev/restart?redirect=www.appname.dev
    • Restart any of your pow apps by passing the app parameter the action
      • http://powser.dev/restart?app=appname

How do I setup Powser?

From scratch:

cd path/to/pow/app
gem install powser
powser start

Link powser to an app with a custom appname:

powser start appname

Stop the powser server

powser stop

Restart the powser server

powser restart


Sometimes you will get an error related to changing directory. If that happen just restart the powser server with powser restart and life will be good.