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Allow change 'g' packet record both ways - up and down,

        instead of down only.

workaround for `remote 'g' packet reply is too long`

patch from Arvydas Sidorenko <asido4 at gmail dot com> (see
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phil-opp committed Jun 29, 2015
1 parent ce3e498 commit 9e88c451844ad38bb82fe77d1f388c87c41b4520
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  1. +5 −5 gdb/remote.c
@@ -7085,21 +7085,21 @@ process_g_packet (struct regcache *regcache)
buf_len = strlen (rs->buf);
/* Further sanity checks, with knowledge of the architecture. */
if (buf_len > 2 * rsa->sizeof_g_packet)
/* Further sanity checks */
error (_("Remote 'g' packet reply is too long: %s"), rs->buf);
/* Save the size of the packet sent to us by the target. It is used
as a heuristic when determining the max size of packets that the
target can safely receive. */
if (rsa->actual_register_packet_size == 0)
if (rsa->actual_register_packet_size != buf_len)
rsa->actual_register_packet_size = buf_len;
/* If this is smaller than we guessed the 'g' packet would be,
/* If this is not equal to what we guessed the 'g' packet would be,
update our records. A 'g' reply that doesn't include a register's
value implies either that the register is not available, or that
the 'p' packet must be used. */
if (buf_len < 2 * rsa->sizeof_g_packet)
if (buf_len != 2 * rsa->sizeof_g_packet)
rsa->sizeof_g_packet = buf_len / 2;

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