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Highways England WebTRIS Traffic Flow API Unofficial (POSIX) shell client
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highways england

Unofficial Highways England WebTRIS Traffic Flow API shell client.

This script wraps the Highways England webtris API. The webtris API enables one to extract historical road traffic data for the main roads within the English trunk road network at 15 minute intervals. The data has been recorded using induction loops.

Features include:

  • POSIX compliant, portable code between UNIX systems.
  • Decoupled ./jq programming language JSON parsing. Option to produce CSV or JSON output.
  • Unit tests with Bash Automated Testing System (BATS). See code in test/ directory.
  • Documented functions, borrowed from Ruby Tomdoc format. documentation generated using
  • Fixes a bug detected in official API: Site quality stats will be returned correctly.




For help. takes 2 arguments. -f <function> and -a <args>. For a summary use: ./ -h:

./ -f <function> -a "<args>"
Where <function> is one of:

  get_area, get_quality, get_report, get_sites, get_site_types, get_site_by_type.

  [get_area] Get an area bounding box.
      1. An optional area id.

    The trunk roads are divided up into various pre-defined areas. Given an
    (optional) area id, return the coordinates of a bounding box(es). Return all
    areas if an area id argument has not been supplied.

  [get_quality] Get overall or daily quality.
      1. Comma seperated list of site ids. Or single site id if daily.
      2. ddmmyyyy start period.
      3. ddmmyyyy end period.
      4. overall or daily.

    If overall quality has been specified, gets the quality in terms of a
    percentage score. The percentage represents aggregated site data
    availability for the specified time period. If daily has been specified,
    Gets the day by day percentage quality for each site.

    Note that the orignal API contains a bug in which the overall quality is not
    calculated correctly. If CSV output has been specified (or jq is not
    present) This implementation will automatically correct for this bug.

  [get_report] Get site report.
      1. Comma seperated list of site ids. Or single site id if daily.
      2. ddmmyyyy start period.
      3. ddmmyyyy end period.
      4. overall or daily.

    This is the main part of the API. A site report consists of a number of
    variables for each time period (minimum 15 minute interval) covering vehicle
    lengths, speeds and total counts.

  [get_sites] Get sites.
      1. Comma seperated list of site ids. (optional)

    Get all avaiable site details and status.

  [get_site_types] Get site types.
    Get site types. This is static info.

  [get_site_by_type] Get sites by type.
      1. Site type.
    Filter site information by site type.

  [get_sites_in_box] Get sites within a defined bounding box.
      1. Bounding box South East Longitude
      2. Bounding box South East Latitude
      3. Bounding box North West Longitude
      4. Bounding box North West Latitude

<args> should be inclosed in double quotes.


  ./ -f get_area         -a 1
  ./ -f get_area
  ./ -f get_quality      -a "5688 01012018 04012018 daily"
  ./ -f get_quality      -a "5688,5699 01012018 04012018 overall"
  ./ -f get_report       -a "5688 daily 01012015 01012018"
  ./ -f get_report       -a "5688 daily 01012018 01012018"
  ./ -f get_sites
  ./ -f get_sites        -a 5688
  ./ -f get_site_types
  ./ -f get_site_by_type -a 1
  ./ -f get_sites_in_box -a "-2.007464 53.344107 -2.485731 53.612572"


All England MIDAS data between November 2018 and March 2019

There are 11,782 (./ -f get_site_by_type -a 1 |wc -l) MIDAS sensors.

  1. Get a list of all MIDAS sensors

Available types can be obtained with ./ -f get_site_types (1 = MIDAS, 2 = TAME, 3 = TMU).

./ -f get_site_by_type -a 1 > sites.csv
  1. For each site, download all data in CSV format for the given period:
mkdir data
for i in $(tail +2 sites.csv |awk -F ',' '{print $1}' |tr -d '"') ;do
  ./ -f get_report -a "$i daily 01112018 31032019" > data/"$i".csv

Sites within a bounding box

Get all site data between 01-01-2015 and 30-10-2018 for sites inside a bounding box surrounding the Manchester area.

  1. Get sites in bounding box.
# Manchester
./ -f get_sites_in_box -a "-2.007464 53.344107 -2.485731 53.612572" >/tmp/sites.csv

# London
./ -f get_sites_in_box -a "0.3335853219 51.234408655 -0.5738564134 51.7504400741" >/tmp/sites.csv
  1. For each site, get report, store in site_{id}.csv
mkdir -p /tmp/road_data
for i in $(cat /tmp/sites.csv |awk -F ',' '{print $1}' |sed 's/\"//g' |tail +2) ;do
  ./ -f get_report -a "$i daily 01012015 30102018" >/tmp/road_data/"$i".csv

Documentation can be sourced in/imported or run directly. see docs for full function info.


Testing and recommended



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