CurveCP programs, linked with TweetNaCl and built statically with Musl libc
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CurveCP programs

CurveCP was designed by Daniel J. Bernstein (University of Illinois at Chicago).

This implementation is extracted from tinyssh by Jan Mojzís. - It uses tweetnacl as a crypto library.

Concepts: see and

Build: run ./

These programs are intended to be built statically with Musl libc. The uses the Musl gcc wrapper (see

Example: For a very simple example, see the file

License: the original Dan Bernstein's code and the tinyssh code by Jan Mojzís are Public Domain. Where public domain does not work, Jan Mojzís proposes a CC0 license (see LICENSE at

All the additions and modifications are also placed in the Public Domain.

Copyright (c) 2016 Phil Leblanc