Plugin for OS Ticket that allows for authentication with multiple domains.
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#Multi LDAP authentication and LDAP Sync for osTicket v1.2.2

Plugin for OS Ticket that allows for authentication with multiple domains and servers for agents and/or clients on osTicket also syncs user defined attributes from AD LDAP. Works and tested with version 1.10 to 1.11-rc1


  • Multiple domain and server support.
  • SSL connection support.
  • LDAP login for both agents and clients (can be toggled for neither, either, or both).
  • Combines users in all domains into one for seamless searches.
  • Creates user accounts and syncs information as needed.
  • Sync accounts in LDAP with user defined schedule.
  • Disables or Enables Osticket users based on LDAP
  • Syncs all attributes only on users that have change via AD time and date.
  • Custom defined ldap map attributes
  • Keeps track of updated users
  • Schedule is activated based on the cron job

Alt text



simply create a folder in the "includes\plugins\multi-ldap" on your osticket install


It is pretty stright forward just when adding the second domain make user you put a "," or ";" where needed. see image below Alt text

In my environment we have a Parent and Child domain Parent 4000+ users Child 20,000+ users

It syncs both the agents and users without issues with about 1000+ users registered automaticly.


Planning on adding a TAB feature to make setting section easier to manage. Ldap Query caching.

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to be updated.........