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Serendipitous email reminders for your starred repos on GitHub.


The server-side code depends on Node.js, NPM, CoffeeScript, Hapi, MongoDB, Handlebars, Nodemailer, node-uuid, Underscore.js, pub-sub.js and check-types.js.

Assuming that you already have node and npm installed, you can install the remaining dependencies by running npm install from the project root.

Build environment

The build enviroment has further dependencies on UglifyJS, Stylus, autoprefixer and clean-css. Again, those will be taken care of by npm install.

There are no tests at the moment and no proper build system either. I'm just abusing npm run for a bunch of build targets right now but will likely update to something more suitable in due course (not Grunt though, I bloody hate Grunt).

Back-end build target

There is one build target for the back-end. It compiles server/ to server/index.js so that the site can run when deployed to production (where CoffeeScript is not available globally).

You can invoke this target with:

npm run build-back

Front-end build targets

There are a couple of front-end build targets, responsible for compiling the client-side CoffeeScript to JavaScript and Stylus to CSS.

You can invoke both of those targets together with:

npm run build-front

Or you can reduce the workload by targeting just the CoffeeScript:

npm run build-coffee-front

Or Stylus:

npm run build-css

Source code structure

There's not a huge amount of code so it should be pretty straightforward to grok. But fwiw:

server/ - server-side bootstrap module
server/index.js - server-side bootstrap module (generated code)

serer/ - pub/sub implementation used to decouple server-side modules
server/ - event definitions for pub/sub

server/ - GitHub API abstraction
server/ - MongoDB abstraction
server/ - scheduler
server/email/*.coffee - email composition and dispatch
server/ - unique ids
server/ - Handlebars helpers
server/ - universal error handler
server/ - logging
server/ - conditional and repeated function invocation

server/routes - route definitions
server/routes/helpers - assorted boilerplate abstractions to simplify routes

config/ - private configuration data (hidden in private submodule)
config.local/ - skeleton configuration data for local usage

views/layout.html - layout template
views/content/*.html - body content templates

client/src - client-side CoffeeScript
client/lib - client-side JavaScript (generated code, unminified)
public/lib - client-side JavaScript (generated code, minified)

client/style - Stylus
public/style - CSS (generated code, minified)


All bug fixes and back-end improvements (especially those of a functional bent) will be gratefully received. Styling changes to the front-end may be less likely to get accepted, it rather depends on planetary alignment and which side of bed I got out of.