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DOS line endings prevent command line execution from working on MacOS #9

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After installing the tool globally and trying to run it from the command line, I got the following error:

env: node\r: No such file or directory

Changing the filetype of the executable to unix instead of dos addressed the issue for me. I can open a PR, but don't want to break anything if the DOS filetype is important to you :)


Sorry, only just spotted this.

It's definitely not a feature, so a pull request would be most welcome if you get the chance. No worries if not though, I can sort it over the weekend.

Thanks! :)


Hey Rebecca.

So I spent a bit of time trying to reproduce this on my Mac but failed to do so. The whole thing with Git line-ending conversions is a bit mysterious to me though, so perhaps my git fu is just not strong enough.

I could push a .gitattributes file that forces the conversion to UNIX line endings but I'm not sure if it's going to make a difference; with it committed locally, git did not indicate that there were any files to commit, which I was under the impression it would do if I'd made the change correctly.

Anyway, I just wanted to check here before pushing the .gitattributes change whether that seemed like the correct approach to you, or if you had an alternative/better idea?


Reading it sounds like either you could go the .gitattributes route, or just edit your global git config to tell it to always use unix line endings? But then you might need to make some trivial change to the file to get it to commit, I'm not sure ...

Sorry I haven't had a chance to just do this myself :) It's my second week of work and I've been traveling or preparing to travel pretty much constantly. Thanks for looking in to it!


Hi again Rebecca.

Okay, so I've published an updated version to npm. Please give it a try if you get a moment to do so, although I'm somewhat doubtful that it will fix your issue since I still couldn't reproduce it at my end in order to verify the so-called "fix".

Fwiw, the .gitattributes file has been added and I also double-checked my global git config. My development machines only run Ubuntu and OSX anyway, though, so I'm not sure where the offending carriage returns will have come from. Possibly from another contributor but I checked the log and I was the last person to touch src/cli.js before the 0.9.1 release was published.


Oh, by the way: Line endings work on OS X.


Closing this issue as it seems to have been dead for some time now.

@philbooth philbooth closed this
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