In which our hero triumphs over his dastardly nemesis.
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In which our hero triumphs over his dastardly nemesis.

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What is it?

A script that automates changing the MAC address of your wireless network adaptor on OS X.

But why?

To confound those infuriating little twerps who seek to prevent me from getting work done while using their bus network.

I paid for that sodding ticket!

How do I install it?

npm i -g wifi-disguise

How do I use it?

Just run the command disguise, with no arguments:


The script will tell you what it's doing as it runs. You will need to enter your password to authorize updating your MAC address. If you change your mind, you can cancel the script with ^C.

Example output:

Old MAC address for en0 is: 70:3e:53:4c:90:73.
New MAC address for en0 will be: 24:b0:14:0a:4f:2b. Enter your password to confirm.
Done. Updated MAC address for en0 is: 24:b0:14:0a:4f:2b.
Turning off wi-fi on en0
Turning on wi-fi on en0

What license is it released under?