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- Added a HomePageUrl string to application items
- Prototyping UI for searching the online db (philc)
- Application item check status can now be toggled by clicking the title of the application in the list. Also refactored 'Checked' to be 'CheckedByDefault'. (Craig Reynolds)
- Added reset button to applications preferences dialog. (Craig Reynolds)
- Add feedback dialog. (who added this?)
- Refactor 80% of strings to resources. (?)
- Prototype uninstall functionality. (Zac Ruiz)
- Prototype version lookup for installed applist items. (Zac Ruiz)
- Add ability to parse empty XML elements. Slightly refactor XML error message collection. Add stubs for applist validation. (?)
- Small error dialog on startup if your environment vars are bad in some way; keeps installpad from bombing out silently (philc)
- Added ability to edit an applications details by double clicking on it. (Craig Reynolds)
- Refactored unit tests, embedded /data as a resource so the unit test dl can be run from anywhere (Zac Ruiz)
- Helper methods for zip class (contains(), hasRootFolder()) (Zac Ruiz)
- Create a root folder for the zip if it doesn't have one, instead of extracting tons of files to c:\program files (Zac Ruiz)
- Bugfix: If there is an error writing our applist back to disk, backup the original file and then restore it so it is not lost (Craig Reynolds)
- Turned on double buffering for the ApplicationListItem control. Makes resizing a little faster. (philc)
0.4 - 10/24/2006
- Added app item UI for "checked by default"
- There is support in the applist options and the downloader component for accepting proxy credentials and downloading through a proxy, but there is no UI for it yet in the preferences dialog and it is not tested
- Updated some of the special-cased silent switches
- Updated applist.xml to newest versions, added Picasa and Quicktime (thanks Mike Quinn for the suggestions)
- Launch only one installer at a time, so they don't step on each other
- Prevent user from removing items from the list that are downloading or installing.
- Massive refactoring of the application item UI. Not scary anymore =)
- Removing preference for "installation root" until we can figure out what to do with it
- UI cleanup for the add application dialog. Now it's sizable
- UI for the preferences
- Preferences backend (App.config is extracted from an embedded resource to the user's applic. config directory) (Zac Ruiz)
- close the XML file after opening it instead of leaving it open (Craig Reynolds)
- Add comment field to application items (Craig Reynolds)
- Add tooltip for comment fields (Craig Reynolds)
- added license as a resource
- added preferences and about dialog
- Added "checked" option in applist.xml - the application item will be unchecked to start with if this option is false
- Added a link for opening an application list
- Changed "Install All" to "Install Checked"
- Can't open a new applist if something is downloading or installing
- Integration of unzipping library, which is embedded as a resource and called via reflection, because we don't want to add another file to the InstallPad distribution
- Left click anywhere on the item to toggle checked (this is disabled by default, because it is not fast, and clicks on the labels aren't interpretted as clicks on the application item)
0.3 - 8/1/2006
Added support for ftp:// and file:// URLs
Visually edit applist.xml files
Bugfixes when opening bad XML files
0.2 - 6/2/2006
First public release<