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clj-geoip is a thin Clojure layer on top of the MaxMind GeoIP Java API. It allows you to query information like the country, city or network provider of a given IP. Have a look at the usage section for an example.

"This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from"


To use clj-geoip you first need to download the newest version of the free GeoIP data files. To do so you can use the download script provided in the scripts folder. It simply downloads the newest archives and extracts them into the resources folder.

MaxMind provides new versions of the data files on a monthly basis. So it's a good idea to run the script every now and then.

Furthermore you have to compile the MaxMind Java classes first. Just run the Leiningen javac command to do so.

> lein javac


This API is pretty simple, just have a look at the following code:

user> (use 'clj-geoip.core)
user> (geoip-init)
user> (use 'clojure.pprint)
user> (pprint (lookup ""))
{:countryName "Germany",
 :area-code 0,
 :asn "AS3320 Deutsche Telekom AG",
 :longitude 7.399994,
 :postalCode nil,
 :latitude 50.983307,
 :city "Engelskirchen",
 :metro-code 0,
 :region "07",
 :countryCode "DE",
 :dma-code 0,
 :ip ""}
user> (geoip-close)

Use geoip-init and geoip-close to start and stop the service and lookup to lookup information about the given IP.

The data files are expected to be in the resources folder but it's possible to bind the locations in the clj-geoip.core/*dbs* symbol to a new value.

Ring Handler

You can use the provided ring handler to add location information to the request map. Here is a Noir example:

(use 'clj-geoip.handler)
(add-middleware #'geoip-handler)
(defpage "/" []
    (str (:location (ring-request))))
;; -> {:countryName "United States", :area-code 650, :longitude -122.0574, :postalCode "94043", :latitude 37.419205, :city "Mountain View", :metro-code 807, :region "CA", :countryCode "US", :dma-code 807, :asn "AS15169 Google Inc.", :ip ""}


  • Pass through of LookupService modes.
  • Ring handler to inject location information into the request map.
  • Is the geoip-close method really necessary?
  • Add IPv6 functions.
  • Add function to calculate the distance between two IPs.
  • Noir test application on Heroku.


Copyright (C) 2012

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.