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# This displaces the normal bash "cd" builtin command. cd needs to be redefined this way because it's not
# a normal binary, but rather a Bash builtin.
# The "cd" command may have already been redefined by another script (RVM does this, for example):
if [ x`type -t cd` == "xfunction" ]; then
# In this case, we define a new "original_cd" function with the same body as the previously defined "cd"
# function.
eval $(type cd | grep -v 'cd is a function' | sed 's/^cd/original_cd/' | sed 's/^}/;}/' )
# Otherwise, we just define "__cd" to directly call the builtin.
eval "original_cd() { builtin cd \$*; }"
cd() {
# This assumes that fuzzycd.rb is available somewhere in your PATH.
fuzzycd.rb $*
# fuzzycd.rb communicates to this bash wrapper through a temp file, because it uses STDOUT for other purposes.
output=`cat /tmp/fuzzycd.rb.out`
`rm /tmp/fuzzycd.rb.out`
if [ "$output" = "@nomatches" ]; then
echo "No files match \"$*\""
elif [ "$output" = "@passthrough" ]; then
original_cd "$*"
elif [ "$output" != "@exit" ]; then
original_cd "$output"