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cespare commented Mar 25, 2013

Right now there's Lucid-specific stuff in Terraform. We should figure out what we're running on and then have a mechanism for doing different things depending on what Ubuntu it is. We should also fail if we don't now how to handle the version we're running on.


philc commented Mar 25, 2013

What specifically is lucid dependent?


cespare commented Mar 27, 2013

The 'git-core' package is just called 'git' in later Ubuntu versions.

There's also no guarantee that the other package names ("curl", "build-essential", "libxslt1-dev", "libxml2-dev", "libssl-dev") will remain valid in future releases.


cespare commented Mar 27, 2013

For now, I'm just going to change git-core to git, I think. Even if you're on Lucid, you could get around this by installing the git ppa or just using an older Terraform version.


cespare commented Mar 27, 2013

I pushed a prerelease version of the gem (0.0.7.rc1) with this change. @philc let me know what you think.

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