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# This wraps the vomnibar iframe, which we inject into the page to provide the vomnibar.
Vomnibar =
vomnibarUI: null
# Parse any additional options from the command's registry entry. Currently, this only includes a flag of
# the form "keyword=X", for direct activation of a custom search engine.
parseRegistryEntry: (registryEntry = { options: [] }, callback = null) ->
options = {}
searchEngines = Settings.get("searchEngines") ? ""
SearchEngines.refreshAndUse searchEngines, (engines) ->
for option in registryEntry.options
[ key, value ] = option.split "="
switch key
when "keyword"
if value? and engines[value]?
options.keyword = value
console.log "Vimium configuration error: no such custom search engine: #{option}."
console.log "Vimium configuration error: unused flag: #{option}."
callback? options
# sourceFrameId here (and below) is the ID of the frame from which this request originates, which may be different
# from the current frame.
activate: (sourceFrameId, registryEntry) ->
@parseRegistryEntry registryEntry, (options) =>
@open sourceFrameId, extend options, completer:"omni"
activateInNewTab: (sourceFrameId, registryEntry) ->
@parseRegistryEntry registryEntry, (options) =>
@open sourceFrameId, extend options, completer:"omni", newTab: true
activateTabSelection: (sourceFrameId) -> @open sourceFrameId, {
completer: "tabs"
selectFirst: true
activateBookmarks: (sourceFrameId) -> @open sourceFrameId, {
completer: "bookmarks"
selectFirst: true
activateBookmarksInNewTab: (sourceFrameId) -> @open sourceFrameId, {
completer: "bookmarks"
selectFirst: true
newTab: true
activateEditUrl: (sourceFrameId) -> @open sourceFrameId, {
completer: "omni"
selectFirst: false
query: window.location.href
activateEditUrlInNewTab: (sourceFrameId) -> @open sourceFrameId, {
completer: "omni"
selectFirst: false
query: window.location.href
newTab: true
init: ->
unless @vomnibarUI?
@vomnibarUI = new UIComponent "pages/vomnibar.html", "vomnibarFrame", (event) =>
@vomnibarUI.hide() if == "hide"
# Whenever the window receives the focus, we tell the Vomnibar UI that it has been hidden (regardless of
# whether it was previously visible).
window.addEventListener "focus", (event) =>
@vomnibarUI.postMessage "hidden" if == window; true
# This function opens the vomnibar. It accepts options, a map with the values:
# completer - The completer to fetch results from.
# query - Optional. Text to prefill the Vomnibar with.
# selectFirst - Optional, boolean. Whether to select the first entry.
# newTab - Optional, boolean. Whether to open the result in a new tab.
open: (sourceFrameId, options) -> @vomnibarUI.activate extend options, { sourceFrameId }
root = exports ? window
root.Vomnibar = Vomnibar
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