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Commits on Jun 2, 2015
  1. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1711 from smblott-github/google-map-duplicates

    smblott-github authored
    De-duplicate Google Maps URLs in vomnibar.
  2. @smblott-github

    De-duplicate Google Maps URLs in vomnibar.

    smblott-github authored
    In Google Maps, we get a new history entry for every pan and every zoom.
    This removes such duplicates.
Commits on Jun 1, 2015
  1. @smblott-github

    Tweak a456de9.

    smblott-github authored
  2. @mrmr1993 @smblott-github
  3. @smblott-github
  4. @mrmr1993 @smblott-github
  5. @smblott-github
  6. @smblott-github

    Note bug in settings.

    smblott-github authored
    (This bug has been around for quite some time.  I just noticed it now.)
  7. @smblott-github
  8. @smblott-github

    Eliminate possibility of race condition.

    smblott-github authored
    See newly-added long comment for details.
  9. @smblott-github
  10. @smblott-github
  11. @smblott-github

    Remove LinkHints.init()...

    smblott-github authored
    LinkHints.init() isn't doing anything.
  12. @smblott-github

    Re-work unified settings.

    smblott-github authored
    This is a minor re-working of #1705 from @mrmr1993.
    The main changes are:
       - Simplify initialisation logic.
       - Always initialise Settings immediately and automatically (ie. don't
         initialise Settings separately and manually in the background,
         content scripts, options and tests).
       - Get rid of addEventListener (it's only being used for on "load").
       - Add Settings.use() in its place.
Commits on May 31, 2015
  1. @mrmr1993

    Add a default value for helpDialog_showAdvancedCommands

    mrmr1993 authored
    We need this because Settings rejects key/value pairs from for which there were no default values.
    Previously, this only meant that the setting would not sync; now it
    meant that the setting wasn't ever made available to the frontend. This
    commit fixes it, and now the setting will sync.
  2. @mrmr1993
  3. @mrmr1993
  4. @mrmr1993
  5. @mrmr1993
  6. @mrmr1993
  7. @mrmr1993
  8. @mrmr1993
  9. @mrmr1993
  10. @mrmr1993
  11. @mrmr1993
  12. @smblott-github

    Fix options page error.

    smblott-github authored
    "setIcon" should be in the list of messages delivered to the options
    page (and for which there is no handler).
  13. @smblott-github

    Fully remove unused option.

    smblott-github authored
    (This was supposed to have been removed previously.  Oops!).
  14. @smblott-github

    Tweak Google Maps URL.

    smblott-github authored
  15. @smblott-github

    Fix completion engine regular expressions.

    smblott-github authored
    We need to use "\\." to get a literal ".".
  16. @smblott-github
  17. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1486 from smblott-github/advanced-options-button

    smblott-github authored
    Move "show-advanced-options" to a fixed-position button.
  18. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1675 from smblott-github/map-space-key

    smblott-github authored
    Allowing mapping <space>.
  19. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1700 from smblott-github/help-page-vomnibar-commands

    smblott-github authored
    Move Vomnibar commands to own category on help page.
  20. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1697 from smblott-github/vomnibar-map-with-prepop…

    smblott-github authored
    Direct keyboard access to custom-search engines via keyword flag
  21. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1699 from smblott-github/add-link-to-wiki-to-help…

    smblott-github authored
    Add a link to the wiki on the help page.
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