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Commits on May 31, 2015
  1. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1697 from smblott-github/vomnibar-map-with-prepop…

    smblott-github authored
    Direct keyboard access to custom-search engines via keyword flag
  2. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1699 from smblott-github/add-link-to-wiki-to-help…

    smblott-github authored
    Add a link to the wiki on the help page.
  3. @smblott-github

    Tweak release notes.

    smblott-github authored
Commits on May 30, 2015
  1. @smblott-github
  2. @smblott-github
  3. @smblott-github
  4. @smblott-github

    Search completion; remove unused code.

    smblott-github authored
    This removes a couple of lines which should have been removed
  5. @smblott-github
  6. @smblott-github

    Move Vomnibar commands to own category on help page.

    smblott-github authored
    The help page gets pretty lopsided when advanced commands are shown.  This balances things out a bit by creating a new category for Vomnibar commands in the right-hand column.
  7. @smblott-github

    When showing the help dialog, simulate-click it.

    smblott-github authored
    On smaller screens (and with the advanced options unfolded), the help
    page can need scrolling.  Currently, you have to click it to give it the
    focus.  Here, we simulate-click it, so that "j" and "k" scrolling is
    active immediately.
  8. @smblott-github
  9. @smblott-github

    Add a link to the wiki to the help page.

    smblott-github authored
    Ass suggested in by @LarryBattle in #1643.
  10. @smblott-github

    Use the term "options" instead of "flags" for command options.

    smblott-github authored
    "Flags" implies binary toggles.  The term "options" seems more
    consistent with what's actually going on here.
Commits on May 29, 2015
  1. @smblott-github

    Verify keyword for custom search-engine activation.

    smblott-github authored
    For ...
        map s Vomnibar.activate keyword=g
    ... we verify that "g" is indeed a custom search-engine keyword before
    setting it.  If it is not, we output a console.log message and launch a
    vanilla vomnibar. (An alternative would be to bail.)
  2. @smblott-github

    Move search-engine parsing to Utils.

    smblott-github authored
    This will allow us to use the same search-engine parsing code in the
    background page and in content scripts.
  3. @smblott-github

    Prepopulate @customSearchMode in vomnibar.

    smblott-github authored
    This avoids a flicker whereby the keyword is first inserted into the
    input, then removed.
  4. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1599 from mrmr1993/settings-refactor

    smblott-github authored
    Separate Settings from the background page, and use it directly in options.html/popup.html
  5. @mrmr1993
  6. @mrmr1993

    Disable Tween on XML pages

    mrmr1993 authored
  7. @smblott-github @mrmr1993

    Also disable all externally-used functions for XML.

    smblott-github authored mrmr1993 committed
  8. @mrmr1993

    Disable UIComponent for XML documents

    mrmr1993 authored
    If the page is an XML document, nothing we do works:
    * <style> elements show their contents inline,
    * <iframe> elements don't load any content,
    * document.createElement generates elements that
      - have == null, and
      - ignore CSS.
    This commit stops us from injecting anything into the DOM from
    UIComponent, fixing #1640.
  9. @mrmr1993

    Use lib/ to provide settings to options.html/popup.html

    mrmr1993 authored
    Instead of directly accessing the background page's Settings object,
    the options page and the page popup now have their own.
  10. @mrmr1993

    Make Settings explicitly use a cache

    mrmr1993 authored
    The Settings object used by the background page now uses 1 of 3 caches,
    depending on the context it is available in:
    * localStorage - in the background page
    * a copy of localStorage - in non-background extension pages
      (options.html, popup.html, etc.)
    * an empty object - in all other pages (where localStorage doesn't point
      to the extension's localStorage object).
    For any extension page which is *not* the background page, a copy of
    localStorage is used instead of true localStorage:
    * Once localStorage is updated by one background page, the others can
      only see the updated copy.
      - Pages with an updated cache can't tell which changes are new, and so
        don't know which postUpdateHooks to run.
    * By copying localStorage's contents into a new object, extension pages
      can still access settings synchronously.
      - This is especially important to options.html and popup.html; they
        will not work without it.
  11. @mrmr1993
  12. @mrmr1993
  13. @mrmr1993

    Move registration of postUpdateHooks to the corresponding source files

    mrmr1993 authored
    This completely decouples from all other background
    source files, so that it can (eventually) also be used in the frontend.
  14. @mrmr1993

    Remove all direct calls to Sync, stop exporting it

    mrmr1993 authored
    This stops Sync from being referred to from anywhere except and
  15. @mrmr1993

    Move Sync.storeAndPropagate to Settings.storeAndPropagate

    mrmr1993 authored
    This function does nothing related to Sync, and only affects Settings.
  16. @mrmr1993
  17. @smblott-github

    Implement pre-population of custom-search keywords.

    smblott-github authored
    Now, a mapping of the form:
       map s vomnibar.activate keyword=g
    makes the vomnibar open (on "s") with the Google custom-search engine
    activated immediately (assuming it's configured).
    The corresponding custom search-engine configuration would be:
       g: Google
  18. @smblott-github
  19. @smblott-github
  20. @smblott-github

    Rework parsing of custom key mappings.

    smblott-github authored
    Most of this is just a tidy up of code that's been around for a long
    The only difference, however, is that now a key mapping can include
    extra data ("extras") after the name of the command.  For example,
    map s vomnibar.activate keyword=g
    Here, and extra property "extras" is added to the command registry:
       extras: ["keyword=g"]
    This is a first step towards direct vomnibar activation for custom
  21. @smblott-github

    Merge branch 'completion-on-custom-search-only' into completion-on-cu…

    smblott-github authored
  22. @smblott-github

    Merge pull request #1610 from smblott-github/word-movement-non-english

    smblott-github authored
    Fix word movement for non-English characters.
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