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Add Opera-like Spatial Navigation #507

wmbley opened this Issue · 4 comments

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While Vimium is great, there are case scenarios in which Opera-like 'spatial navigation' is quicker (zero effort to search for key combinations). Having both Vimium style and Opera style selection for links would be great.

Just fire up Opera and simply try Shift+Arrows on any page heavy with links and it will become obvious what they mean by 'spatial navigation'.
"Spatial navigation allows you to move in any direction to the next link or form input. To use spatial navigation, press Shift+Down, Shift+Up, Shift+Left, and Shift+Right, and Opera will select the most appropriate item in that direction."


It's interesting. @int3, have you played with this, and if so what do you think?

After using it a bit I can't determine a time when I'd want to use it over link hints. Can you describe scenarios where this is more handy than linkhints?


@int3 bump for your opinion


Interesting. I don't think I'd want to use it over link hints, but it's sparked an idea for an enhancement to the filter hints mode. Specifically, I'm thinking that we could have a 'currently selected' hint, which will be activated when we hit enter. Currently that hint is always the first hint. However, we could make it such that the selected link is changed when the user hits tab and / or uses the arrow keys. This would kind of solve the problem that I face when I browse hackernews / reddit and want to activate one of the comment links -- since there are a ton of them on the page, filtering by typing the word 'comment' doesn't do very much good.

But yeah, I can't see myself using it over link hints, nor can I see it being useful for alphabetic hints.


Ok, sounds good. I'll close this for now, but if you think you'll tackle the numeric hints enhancement in the future, feel free to file a ticket (I mostly use alphabet hints).

@philc philc closed this
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