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New proposal to ease the problem of overlapping link hints #635

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Most of the time when I encounter overlapping link hints, they share the same first letter. If you type in the first letter of the link hints, all the other hints disappear, but the overlapping hints are still there. If you make it so that the first letters differ and the second letters are the same, then you could easily get rid of the overlapping hints, since they disappear after you typed in the first letter, and you can see the second letter.


Hey @zilluss, that's what the current implementation does. It walks through adjacent hints and tries to generate a separate first character for each. Can you attack a screenshot of an instance where this isn't working?


I had to search for a while to find a page where the problem occurs. It really doesn't occur that often for me, but when it does, it's a bit annoying because you have to guess the second letter or use the mouse.
Example taken from the paginator of


The link hints are properly spread out when I use that page. Do you have any custom hint characters set in Vimium's options, and which version of Vimium are you running?


I'm running the most recent version from the market (1.37). I was using the default hint character set. I also reset the configuration to default, but the problem persists. I will try to replicate the problem on my other computers as soon as I'm home.


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