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After pressing 'f' to be able to navigate/select a link to follow, it would be nice if 'f' wasn't a choice, in case you want to start over, or in case you accidentally hit it twice. Just a suggestion.


christophermanning commented Sep 10, 2012



philc commented Sep 10, 2012

I like having F in the default hint chars since it's on the home row and I've never had trouble with it, but I'm very interested in hearing how it gives people trouble.

How often do you hit "f" twice, and why?
Does typing "f" to cancel the current hint search come much more naturally to you than "esc, f"?


int3 commented Sep 11, 2012

Yeah, I agree that having f as a hint char makes sense since it's a home row key. Given that it's easy enough to switch to the options page and remove it, I don't think we need to take it out by default. However, right now any non-hint-char keypresses are simply ignored in hints mode; it might make more sense to have them exit hints mode instead. (See #287.)


philc commented Sep 18, 2012

One other data point: this lifehacker article went out of its way to mention that the way you cancel linkhints is to hit ESC, and not to hit "f" again.

If you want to get rid of the "f" key shortcuts, don't press "f" again. Hit "Escape" to drop the link shortcuts.

It was a suggestion. No need to point out a lifehacker manual.

What I noticed, was 'f' hardly ever falls on what I want. I've used it to
get where I need to go maybe 20x since I installed it a month ago. But,
I've had to escape out of the linkhints maybe 500x since I installed it.
Therefore, I thought it would be of better use as an enable/disable button.

So, I grabbed the source with the MIT license, changed it to the way I
wanted and all is good in the hood.

The next thing Id like to do is have it to be search engine aware. For
example, the home row keys, that are easiest to get to (aside from 'f' for
me of course) should be assigned to Google results and not the menu above.

Take it or leave it. I've changed it to fit my need and priority. You can
defend hitting 'esc' all you want. But as a developer myself, I've learned
to not be so defensive, and most of the suggestions i've been given, have
ended up as customizable options -- i might not think much of the idea, but
if it makes sense, why not give them the option? I guess call me a people

Have a good day.

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 4:13 PM, Phil Crosby notifications@github.comwrote:

One other data point: this lifehacker article out of its way to mention that the way you cancel linkhints is to hit
ESC, and not to hit "f" again.

If you want to get rid of the "f" key shortcuts, don't press "f" again.
Hit "Escape" to drop the link shortcuts.

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philc commented Sep 19, 2012

@boardstretcher sorry if I wasn't clear before -- I was mentioning the lifehacker article because they assumed that people would naturally hit "f" to cancel link hints, rather than ESC, so they felt the need to tell people to hit ESC. That's a bit of data in support of your suggestion.

The way we approach proposals like this is to have an open mind and see how people weigh in. If enough folks feel the same way, it's a good indication that the existing behavior should be changed.

Yes, I often hit "f" twice, when the a page not complete loaded.
and I removed "f" as a hint char.

int3 closed this in ac67f18 Oct 21, 2012


int3 commented Oct 21, 2012

So I implemented what I described here. Pressing any character that is not part of the hint character set will deactivate hints mode. So all you need to do to get f used as a toggle is to remove it from the list of hint characters. I don't think this should affect users who aren't looking for a toggle, except that hints mode is now somewhat less forgiving to typos. Please reopen this issue / discussion if you find the new behavior problematic.

@davidwallacejackson davidwallacejackson pushed a commit to davidwallacejackson/vimium that referenced this issue Apr 3, 2014

@int3 int3 Deactivate alphabetical hints mode if keypress is not a hint char.
Closes #638, #287.
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