Opening link in new tab using find results causes j or k to open random link #657

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to (or any other page) and press f to bring up finder
  • Hold shift and type a shortcut to open a tab in the background
  • Now, pressing j or k in the same tab will open a seemingly random link

I am using Vimium 1.39

OS: Ubuntu 11.04
Browser Version: 18.0.1025.151

int3 commented Sep 13, 2012

That's odd... Can't reproduce it. Are you using the default Vimium config, or did you toggle any options?

Also, it's probably not relevant, but Chrome 18 seems a little outdated... I think 21 is the latest stable.


I've unmap t since it breaks the github file search and removed f from the "Characters used for link hints" since my fingers think that f will close the link hints.

I am using Chrome 18 since it's the one that's in the ubuntu packages:

@int3 int3 closed this in ea73be1 Oct 21, 2012

Thank you!

@davidwallacejackson davidwallacejackson pushed a commit to davidwallacejackson/vimium that referenced this issue Apr 3, 2014
@int3 int3 Refactor handlerStack. Closes #657.
Previously, handlerStack was designed only for removal of the handler
right at the top of the stack. However, some handlers sought to remove
themselves when they were not at the top of the stack, creating
confusion. The new handlerStack ensures that such removal can always be
done safely.
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