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Commonly I will press f to see all the links, and then press shift to make the link open in a new tab. In previous versions, this would just toggle the command to open in a new tab. Now, it clears the f status entirely, meaning I would have to press shift-f to bring up the links again. I am unsure if this is desired or not, but since it's a departure I figured I'd let you know.


That's odd. What is your OS / Chrome version / keyboard layout?


I am having the same issue. It works as expected in Version 20.0.1132.47 Ubuntu 12.04 (144678) but fails as described in Version 22.0.1229.94 Ubuntu 12.10 (161065) (Using the same version of Vimium 1.42). I am using the English (US) keyboard layout.


Is this still happening?

@philc philc added the waiting label May 18, 2014

After updating to 1.45, I have this problem (pressing shift clears the f status). Is there any way to solve it?

Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116
Ubuntu 14.04 aura (260972)

Keyboard layout:


The problem can be fixed reverting this commit 63f0b24


I have created PR #1104 which will revert to the original behaviour.


This's still occurring in my environment. I'm using Debian jessie with Gnome 3.14 and Ubuntu 14.04 with Gnome 3.10. This isn't happening in my Windows 7 VM. Thus I think this problem is Linux distro-specific, or Gnome-specific.


It's platform specific. More details in issue #1096 and PR #1292. We're waiting for @philc to decide whether he'll reverse his decision to 'remove' this feature or kill it for Windows too.


Eager for this to work.
This is my workflow as well.


Resolved as functionality has been reinstated.

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