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Find Mode

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How To

To search, first press / then the search expression followed by <Enter>. You can alternate between the matches by typing n to go forward and <Shift-n> to go back.


  • Find queries are global and persistent -- if you search for 'test' in one tab, pressing n on any other tab will search for 'test' as well.
  • If your search matches the contents of an input whose contents you wish to modify, press <Esc> to enter insert mode and begin editing.
  • Find queries have a history. Use <Up> and <Down> to re-use previous queries.

Case-sensitivity and RegExps

  • Find mode uses smartcase -- it defaults to a case-insensitive search if you use only lower-case characters, but switches to case-sensitive mode upon detecting upper-case letters. Hence /test is case-insensitive, and /Test is case-sensitive.
  • The \r escape sequence ensures that the search string gets treated like a Javascript regular expression, so /\r matches 'test', 'tast', 'tost', etc.
  • Case-sensitivity behaves the same way for regular expressions -- /\r will match 'TosT', but /\r\I will only match 'tast', 'tost', etc.
  • Blackslashes themselves can be escaped, so /test\\ will match 'test\'.
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