A host-your-own HTTP checking and pinging web service, to serve as an alternative to Pingdom.
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Details coming soon.

Getting started

lein lobos migrate


To run the tests:

lein midje
  • For UI changes, use the classic workflow: modify the source and refresh the browser.
  • For non-UI changes, running code via the REPL is the fastest way to test and iterate. Sending emails and polling checks requires a bit of state to exercise. The dev-sandbox namespace has a few functions to quickly create some state for testing/development, and some commonly-used code for sending emails, for instance.


Watchman has a RESTful HTTP API for programatically managing data.

All API routes require HTTP Basic authentication:

curl --user username:password -X DELETE http://watchman-hostname.com/api/v1/roles/1/hosts/example.com


Adding a host to a role:

Params: hostname: Required. The hostname to add to the role.

POST /api/v1/roles/{id}/hosts

Example response:

  "id" : 11,
  "hostname" : "example.com"

Remove a host from a role:

DELETE /api/v1/roles/{id}/hosts/{hostname}